Loop the loop


Some of you may think that it is an easy trick but we all start somewhere.
I SERIOUSLY don’t understand the hand technique in loop the loop (and all looping tricks).



I used to have a problem when the yoyo would regenerate sideways and would die.
Is that your problem?


Yes it is. I guess that it is my hand technique?


When I first started looping I would have the same problem.
I was doing two things wrong.

  1. In order to keep the yoyo steady when shooting the yoyo back out, I would kinda pu6t the yoyo on a slight axis
    I would put the yoyo in the 1:00 position, if you know what I mean, and throw the forward pass like that.
    That would help me alot.

  2. I would always use my entire arm to shoot the yoyo back out, when your elbow shouldnt really move at all.
    The movement should be all in your wrist
    It makes it a TON easier

I hope this helps


To throw my yoyo at 1:00 I have to give it a swing at an angle outward, is it the way I should do it?


Well I stand forward and just turn the yoyo and just throw it forward


For the hand technique in inside loops, I have the string go directly from my middle finger to the yoyo, without touching any other fingers. For outside loops, I use my index finger to guide the string.


Thanks ! :smiley: