looping help

Hello, I’ve been practicing looping for a few days, at first with a fireball, then a loop 1080, also first with cotton string, then with slick6.

Anyway, I’ve been able to get like 10 inside loops in a row occasionally, but in general looping requires me to move my hand alot or else it just runs out of momentum. Also, it very often just goes at a bad angle and spins out like UFO. I noticed that the angle of my yoyo is often in the wrong direction whenever i loop. In other words, if you look at a looping video, their yoyo angles out in a certain direction about 30%. My yoyo always angles out in the opposite direction and I don’t know why. Even if I start the throw with it angled to the right direction, after the first loop it will often switch the angle to the other direction.

Are there any tips on how to do this properly?

Try snaping your rist

I am dreadful at looping, but all of my successful attempts occur when I only use my middle finger. 9/10 times it will spin out on me within the first 5 loops. On that 10th time though, I can usually keepem going indefinitely. Once you find that rhythm, there is no stopping you.

I find that throwing the yo-yo extra hard on the first throw and trying to keep that momentum going really helps a lot. Also, on the first throw, angle the yo-yo about 45 degrees pointing outwards and try to continue doing this for every loop. Let me know if this helped any!