Stuck in a looping loop

I’m learning to loop and can throw 10 in/outside loops and 5 hops. I was hoping some peeps here might have suggestions for good practice routines to help me improve these tricks, as well as any general tips on loops would be appreciated.
Hoping to hear,

First, forget numbers, how many loops you can get doesn’t matter.

One of most important part on looping is your form, you have to move your hands properly in order to loop properly. The loop may still work with wrong hand movements, but you may get injuries in the long run. Try mimicking high level players hand movement, choose the ones who loops the best in your opinion and do exactly that, even record a video of yourself if necessary to see what is wrong.

Loops are not completely straight, it’s at an angle, basically on the right hand it tilts at about 1 o’clock as if the clock is in front of you, and on the left about 11. The yoyo tilts with respect to loop direction, so basically if you want the yoyo to be straight, the loop should be tilted inward instead, if you want to loop straight, then the yoyo have to be tilted. To understand this better, watch 2a videos, I find the Loop1080 promo video when Shu do loops facing the camera shows this very clearly.
This is the angle with the smoothest movement, it’s not exactly 1/11. Once you can do it, you don’t need to see it to know if it’s correct because the loop feels strong and smooth compared to bad loops.

Watch the string tension AT ALL TIMES, tight string more responsive, loose string less responsive. The yoyos must be able to sleep easily.

Last but the most important thing, practice only the good loops, if it went bad, stop, start over. If you keep doing bad loops, you are practicing how to do it wrong. Unlearning bad habit can be a nightmare.

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