loop de loop

So how many inner or outer loops can yall do consectively? Anyone ever tried to see how many loops you can do before messing up or stopping or getting tired lol?

I have trouble with the technique but I think the most I can do is 2-3 >:D.
can anyone try to do like 100 loops at a time?

I just recently was coached by someone who could loop very well. I was doing about 10 or so max. Now I can easily do over 100. I stopped counting when I hit 126 and the string started to do some funky things.

if you don’t mind me asking can you teach me some pointers cause I have helluva trouble. The yoyo slants and I use the power and straightness of it.

Not really sure what I am supposed to do with my wrist when looping.

Yes, because while the yoyo loops, the string gets looser, making the string do some “funky” things.

I think I’ve done about… I don’t wanna count… too hard to count. I think maybe a 150 or so.

But you know Bill de Boisblanc? He has the World Record of most loops.

The highest for me is 80 something.

Just have to practice. You will get it one day! Also please refrain from swearing this is a clean Forum. Thanks! ;D

um When did I swear? I find that kinda rude how you said I sweared when I know I didn’t.

Some people consider H-E-double hockey sticks to be a swear word.

Practice is the biggest aspect, but I have been practicing on and off for the last 13 years, and I never really got it, but watching John Higby effortlessly throw them with both hands for 3 days, something just clicked.

What I found out, the most important part of looping is in the first throw. The angle you throw it at, and how it flips over at your hand are key to consistent loops. It is different for everyone, but should be similar. Once I get back from MOYO, I plan on shooting video from the throwers view point, to see if I can’t help anyone else out there. I don’t think i have seen a video like it before.

My angle when the yoyo is at the end of the string is skewed as such: take the perfectly straight yoyo held out in front of you, now tilt the yoyo to the right at about 1 o’clock position. Now pull the left side of the yoyo towards you about the same amount that was tilted to the right. On my sunset trajectory, I can no longer see straight through the gap, and the left side of the yoyo is always looking at me kind of sideways, like he wants to punch me in the face.

I will try to get that video shot either at MOYO, or after when I get home.

Oh, one last thing. The yoyo does matter. I am not saying you can’t loop with anything, I am saying that you may need to do something different depending on the yoyo used. My method does not work on my Bumblebees, but does on my wood axle proyos, when they are behaving.

Im sorry if it came across as rude i had no intentions of that just keep practicing you will get it just as i said!!
Keep Throwing ;D