need help with inside looping

i have practiced inside looping almost a month now and my string keep twisting when the yoyo reach the end of the string after i have looped 2-10 loops and im very sure that i do everything right so what am i doing wrong please tell me.
and my yoyo doesnt sleep and im using Shockwawe from auldey.

The string twists because of string tension, it just naturally builds up after looping, here’s a way to adjust it.

no he means something else. liek when you throw it wrong and it looks like you are doing ufo? that is just practice.

ok thanks, finaly someone understand me :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, that just takes practice like look a yoyo said. But there is a drill that I find helps. Throw catch, throw loop catch, throw loop loop catch, and just keep increasing the number of loops by one until you miss. Then if you miss start at the beggening. It may seem tedious but it helps.