I cant loop!!!

(YoYoJoe27) #1

I need help looping!!! I just realized that i have been doing outside loops the whole time! But i still cant do it! ANd now i cant do inside loops either! HELP!!!


I have the same problem, I don’t it’s just reflex for me to do a hop the fence sort of thing.


Just work on it. It takes quite a bit of practice to keep the yoyo going at that correct-ish angle.

(Alceste) #4

Yeah, what I did was when I was waiting for a math lecture (I’m homeschooled) or a video game to load I’d loop, makes big bounds with no effort what so ever lol. Good luck with looping!


Yeah. Just do it when you can. You don’t need to sit there and practice looping for 10 hours straight. Just whenever you get a chance. And it’s ok if you can only get one loop. Continue to get one loop until you really start to get a feel for it. Then you can step it up and soon you’ll be able to loop nearly forever! :smiley:

(YoYoJoe27) #6

Thank you Apetrunk and Green Triangle!


takes a lot of practice, do it while watching tv and just make sure you are hitting the right angle


make sure the yoyo is out and away from urself first. Next check to see if your string is too long for you. Lastly, bring in the yoyo as it reels in and flick it out again, for loops have that feel that ur whipping ur yoyo into a forward pass again and again; u can feel ur strength pushing at the yoyo