Inside loop help!!

I just got a sunset and im learning inside loops. Does anybody have any tips to keeping the yoyo straight after you do a couple loops? When I do more than one loop it starts to tilt sideways and is hard to do more than one. THANKS 8) >:( :smiley:

omg im trying to learn 2a and this exact same thing is happening to me if i find out what it is i will make sure to come back and tell you

Oh thanks!!! :smiley: I think I just have to practice more because I kind of fixed it I just needed time to improve.

Yah same
if you end up finding out what it is please tell me
im goin to ask Gerard Amento because he just started learning 2a and i here he is good

Yeah nevermind I am definetly doing something wrong… :-[ :frowning: If you find out then could you please tell me.

I have also noticed that whenever I do a forward pass it sleeps at the end for a couple of seconds then shoots back to my hand. If anybody knows how to fix that then could you please tel me. 2a is so much harder than I thought!!! >:( :o

If it’s sleeping at the end of your throw, try checking the string tension. If it’s really unwound, the string is thinner, so it can miss the o rings when you don’t want it too. Also try screwing the yoyo tighter.

If you’re yoyo is fine, then it might be your throw. Try experimenting with the roundness of your loops. If you make them too narrow, the yoyo bounces when it hits the string. If you make 'em too round, you might not get a high enough impulse to activate the response. (I think).

As for tilt, turning your hand left or right as the yoyo goes by it changes the tilt. A good way to experiment with this is by throwing a straight loop, then trying it make it lean left or right on your next loop.

One thing that Andre doesn’t mention in his tutorial video is that the yoyo flips when it passes your hand. It flips really fast, so it’s hard to see it, but you can tell if it didn’t flip because the string, which is usually on the bottom of the yoyo when it comes back to your hand, winds up on top. This means your next throw will act totally differently because the string’s in a different place. This is bad! You want it to flip!

Initially, when I was learning how to loop, I noticed my yoyo flipping and went to great measures to get rid of that flip. Subsequently, once I found out what was what, I had to go back and relearn looping aaaalll over again, which was way harder since I kept having to stop myself from not letting the yoyo flip.

Hope that helps!

Ok I don’t understand what you mean when you say that the yoyo flips. Could you maybe post a video??

I tried to find one, but I couldn’t. It almost happens too fast to see it in real life, so I’d imagine you’d need a pretty nice camera to get it on video. I can try to explain it, though.

When you throw a yoyo out, the string is on the top. It unwinds all the way, and starts winding up again, so it comes back with the string on the bottom of the yoyo. When it gets to your hand, the yoyo has to change spin directions so it can unwind. If it didn’t flip, the string would just stay on the bottom, but since you’re actually pulling it a little bit to the side as it passes your hand, it does flip, so the string ends up on top. This mean it goes out again the same way as it went out on your first throw and you can do nice consistent loops.

Ok I think I got it now, thanks. I can kind of do the loops now, just need more practice. : :smiley:

Can somebody else please give me some tips???

Try fresh string?  Shorter or longer string?

You would probably gain more control having the yo-yo lean right (for the right hand) than having an axle that is parallel with the floor.

Have you seen Sean Fumo’s Guide to Looping?

Keep up the practice, though.  It’s the only thing separating you from being good at 2A.


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As far as the flip goes, it is easiest to see the flip if you have a yoyo that the halves are a different color. Everytime you loop the yoyo back out the color that is to the inside would change.

The best tip I can think of is to return the yoyo back to your hand and restart if it doesn’t seem perfect. That is the best way to avoid learning how to loop the wrong way.

Also you have to realize looping is not at all like any other form of yoyoing. It could take MONTHS before you have inside loops down. It isn’t like 1a where you can kinda get a trick down in a day or two. It is all about muscle memory and it takes a long long time to get some of the 2a moves right.

The website helped soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!! I just got a lot better after just reading the page! THANK YOU ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

i don’t think you’re allowed to navigate others to another website.

2a is so much harder than I thought!!!

Funny thing I find 1a more difficult… I took to 2a very easy for me, but that’s just me… anyway

Inside loops

Practice the motion with just your hand first. then warm up with a few forward passes.

Then do one loop at a time get that nice and comfortable. Then move onto 2 nice and comforable.
The article pointed to says start with a fixed axle yo yo, you don’t need to mater looping at 20 loops each hand with a fixed axle but it sure is a big help. Get 3 to 5 down with the fixed axle then move onto the bearing yo yo. Don’t worry about speed that “stall” at the end of the string will happen with every bearing yo yo you will get past it with practice and timing

Yeah, what he said, also the guys over at the yoyowiki have a page with pictures showing the flip in an inside loop.