looping lean and flip (help)


I see video tutorials on how to do inside loops. And they all say the yoyo needs to lean a little for it to be smooth, and also they say the yoyo will flip over each time you do a loop and if you had a 2 color yoyo, you would be able to watch for that. The problem is, they never tell how to make the yoyo do either of those things. I’m getting really close to doing infinite loops, but I still run into really sloppy loops that stop me in my tracks. Any tips?

Tips other than “practice more” would be great lol. I know to practice more. I’ll always do that.


More info:
I’m using a YYF loop 360, the string is short, and it’s very responsive. No problems at all with the yoyo. It feels great.


Faster. Do it faster.


I started out doing the entire loop faster, and that just made a mess. So I focused more speed into the wrist flipping motion, and that helped alot. Sometimes my loops start going up and up further to where they are almost straight up. I guess I just need to start the wrist flipping motion earlier to get that to come down. So I’m now up to about 20 inside loops but some of them are kinda sloppy looking, but I can mostly just power through those and get back on track. I’m getting so close!