help me with looping problem

ive never got into looping before so i thought id give it a shot it looks fun. after i loop the yoyo a couple of times the yoyo starts to tilt and eventually ends up side ways like the side of the yoyo is facing me and the string goes all crazy and thats the end of the looping combo which lasts all of 4 or 5 loops before this happens. how can i help straighten out my yoyo and make my loops more consistent?

Practice is all. Also try moving you hand in a few different ways and see what works for you.

There is no way to really help people with looping, sorry. You just need to find out how to do it by looping over and over. A lot of the pro 1A players arent that good at looping because they dont do 2A. We can wish you luck!

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you’re welcome.
read this thoroughly and practice for 10k hours.

But, but, I want it now… :wink: