Whenever I loop the yo-yo back out it is always side-ways or crooked? Can anyone give me some advice?


practice :wink:

the same thing happened to me too :smiley:

Throw out hard, and let it snap in hard. Use your wrist.

i still have troubles but im getting better but you just have to flick it hard with your wrist and your finger and then bring your hand back and correct the previous throw. if its sideways to the right then turn your hand to the left a lil bit and vice versa. youll get it =)

I been practicing all night and I can almost get 3 loops in a row.


Nice! Improvement is improvement. I’ve been working on getting Spirit Bomb for several weeks now and I still can’t get it, but I am getting closer. Just keep practicing and keep up the good work =)

congrats on starting to learn loops! :slight_smile:

I find loops are easiest to do when you use only the motion in your wrist and power the flicking of the loops using your middle finger.

Make sure each throw out is hard and quick, if you try to do them a bit slow and weak, they will flutter out.

Make sure that your arm isnt moving much, the motion is almost all in the wrist.

Also, be sure to keep your hand loose. Dont tighten the fingers together or keep your hand stiff, keep it loose and relaxed, and you should get those loops fine.

Good luck on your looping journey into 2A!

And as always…

www.freewebs.com/2AMaster :slight_smile:

I always plug that whenever I can.

Good luck!


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Hey man, i was having the same trouble as you. Jayyo knows what he’s talking about though. (i’m almost up to 7 loops with both hands!) Just practice as much as possible and you’ll get used to it. :slight_smile: