looping HELP!

so i just picked up a pair loop 900s and im not bad but im not smooth. how can i loop smoother? please help.

Keep practicing

Keep practicing and watching the videos Andre has. Really try to make it a wrist motion. The rest of your arm should be fairly still (not completely though) and your forearms will get tired.

The wrist motion is important. It is common to try to use the whole arm to make the motion, but that’s very inconsistent.

Try holding one elbow against your body and looping. Harder, right? You feel like a T-rex, right?

Then loop with your whole arm free. Easier, right?

Your wrist motion was forced to become stronger and more pronounced by pinning your elbow down. But keep practicing training, and you should see improvement soon enough.


Dang! that helped a bunch. thanks for the great tip (s)!! i was surprised on how good the t rex thing worked and the stregnth it gave my wrist. THANKS!!

get into a rhythm ;D