Need help with 2A Inside Looping

So…I just recently started 2A yo-yoing with my YYJ Unleashed. I am liking 2A so far, but the problem I have is actually looping the yo-yo, which is obviously the base for any 2A trick. After I do my forward pass, and then flick my wrist to send it back out, sometimes the yo-yo will spin out of control and the loop is just horrible. Sometimes I can do 3 loops, but the yo-yo goes out of control. Also, when I am doing loopings, SOMETIMES the string is on the wrong side of the yo-yo, so the string is not the right way for me to loop again, so then I would have to flip the yo-yo out…Can someone help me with this please?

a LOT of great loopers got their start from this page:
anyone who’s ever wanted to loop at all should have all this info memorized.

there’s no substitute for practice, though. it probably took me a full year of practice before i had consistent 2a basics down to the point where i didn’t look inept. that’s a big part of what i love about looping, actually.

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I’d strongly suggest shortening the string. Also throw the yo slightly tilted towards 1 o’clock if using the right hand and 11 0’clock if using the left hand.

These are both noted in the link ed provided, but for me, these two helped the most.,19750.0.html,20525.0.html,24850.0.html,2143.0.html,305.0.html,27765.0.html,30923.0.html

There are ALOT more than just these ^^^


It all comes down to practice. I’ve been looping for months and am just starting to be reliable on two-handed loops enough to actually do something with it. It’s probably the hardest style to learn, but stick with it! It’s awesome and super impressive (especially to non-yoyoers) once you get it.