Inside Loop, HELP ME!

I’ve been on and off on 2A since I’ve gotten my 2A yo-yos. However, everytime that I pick it up to practice the simplest 2A trick, inside loops. I can never get it more then 1-3 loops, but even then it is horrible. I’ve tried keeping my elbow in place and just using my wrist and finger, no success. 1-3 loops and it just goes out of control. I’ve tried throwing it out at a 11 O’clock angle and just looping from there, but then again it is the same outcome. I’ve practiced countless hours, and it comes out to the same outcome. I get frustrated after an hour or two, with my finger all painful, and just get really hot headed. This inside loops has stumped me for months. Hours wasted to learn something that I can’t do. You guys have no idea how frustrating it is to try and learn it and it always comes out to the same outcome. Being able to do 1-3 loops. Even the loops are really bad, I just can’t do it.

I’ve actually thought of giving up on 2A, but the only thing that keeps me going is the fact that it is probably the coolest looking Yo-yo style out.

I’ve looked at Shawn Looping Guide, that didn’t help me out at all.
I’ve looked at countless inside looping videos on youtube. Doesn’t help me at all.
I’ve looked at other threads, even my old previous looping thread. Doesn’t help me at all.

What am I doing wrong. Why can’t I loop properly without the yo-yo tilting to the side and/or lose control. Please, I really need help. I don’t want to quit 2A just because I can’t do the foundation skill for it…

I would really appreciate it if someone out there just give me some tips and perhaps some encouragement to continue to practice and not give up. Because everytime I pick up a 2A yo-yo, and see that I can’t do more then 1-3 loops depresses me because of all the time spent trying to do it and it comes out the same thing as I started, 1-3 loops.

The best way to help would be see video of you throwing but in general if the yoyo is flopping sideways out of control your hand position is not correct or you starting the “motion” too late which is more likely

About how many hours in total have you been practising 2A? Because looping takes time to learn properly. If the 3 loops you can do right now aren’t very good, try practising just 2 loops at a time until you can get it perfect. If your loops start becoming bad you need to catch the YoYo and start again - “don’t practice bad loops.”

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2a is possibly one of the most difficult styles of yoyoing. It requires as much patience as it does anything else including practice. Not only must you practice, practice, and practice way more than 1a, you must accept a much slower learning curve. In other words, due to the difficulty you will work much harder for smaller gains. Thats the reason 2a deserves mad respect!

Try a much shorter string.
Understand what a realistic goal is for a practice session.
End your session after you have looped better than before. This will help muscle memory.
As was stated, if it get’s sloppy catch the yo and start over.
Shorter practice sessions, more frequently durring the day.
Figure out how to have fun with it because if you hate picking up the yo, you’ll never get it.

To add to my previous stuff which I know seems a little vague but it’s not… try to to not get too excited and keep smooth and consistent start the “motion” earlier than you think it needs to be and think of the throw more upward than forward to round the loop out when you throw it more forward the loop looks like a hot dog your looking for something more like a guitar pick with the small end being you hand side. It gives you more time to make sure you have the right angle on the bottom side before the “motion”

Sometimes it will help to start a loop down then middle then up trying to pick it up more vertically each time just watch on inside because it will bust you in the head the more vertical you are.

But 2a is practice practice practice. I’m not great at it but love it.