Looping trouble

Hey guys,

Recently, i decided to learn some looping tricks to get myself into 2A style yoyoing eventually. I bought myself a Loop 720 hearing good things about it and was looking forward to getting started. I firgured id just work on my basic inside loops for a while.

3 weeks have past of practicing for an hour a day and i really don’t seem to have made much progress. I can maybe do 3 loops in a row, i think my best is 7. But this isnt consistent. Often i find myself failing on the second.

So my question is simply, was it this slow for you guys? I mean i wasn’t expecting it to be easy and quick having read alot about the style of play, but i expected some more results by now.

Thanks alot.

Looping is not as trivial as it looks. Check out this for some good info and tips.

Shawn’s Looping Guides

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It’s slow.

It goes from 2 or 7 loops to 3 or 9 loops. And then there is a big plateau at 10.

Then you have a big hurdle getting your non-dominant hand up to par.

Then you feel like you are starting over when you do both hands together.

Then you do other tricks that are not inside loops. That’s how it was with me.

Shawn’s Guide is really great. Keep practicing, and keep focused when practicing.


Yeah that guide has helped me out a bit actually, i think im going in the right direction now. Because theres nothing worse than practicing the wrong way.

I guess ill just keep working at it and try be patient. thanks for your help :slight_smile:

you will get it down eventually…when my yomega fireball wouldn’t sleep anymore (it would just shoot right back to my hand…still dont know why) I decided to start looping it, took me a good month of one or two loops then failing before I could do a consitent 5 or 7…I believe its hard because of the amount of concentration and control that you must maintain during the loops…both of which seem to develop as you practice and train yourself.

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idk wat yall talking about i got everything except shoot the moon down in a couple days… with no prior experience with yoyos

can velocity doo a looping trick??
coz i’m using velocity…
i got trouble looping here…
or i have mistaken adjust the gap??
and how much does the gap must be adjust??
please someone help me…

Butterfly shapes don’t loop well due to the weight distribution. A looping yoyo needs to flip over during the loop. The butterfly does not flip easily due to the stability caused by the weight distribution. that’s not to say they can’t be looped. They just aren’t real good for it.

oh i c
but i watch the velocity release video
the man can do shooting the moon trick
and some over the fence
but i can’t do a single loop…
i can’t do over the fence to…
please correct me if i;m wrong doing it…

Shoot the moon doesn’t involve the yoyo flipping so a butterfly works well for it. Hop the fence or over the fence is another 2 A trick you can do w/a butterfly. Looping does not encompass all 2A tricks.

I dont see how that helps ciders situation at all…

Well, he’s just letting all of us no talent bumpkins including CiderDad know that it’s hopeless for us to even try. :wink:

thanks for the tips…
it’s look like i have to learn more…
keep practicing…

Yeah thanks for all your help folks. I’ve started taking up 1A a little more too. I bought myself a Velocity and im getting somewhere with that, whilst still working on my loops.

I find it helps me to be able to switch between styles in that when i feel that looping is being arduous and aggrivating. I can just pick up my Velocity and work on that.

So yeah to anyone out there whos finding loops as monotonous and unrewarding as i was, just take up another style and work on each one. Works for me :slight_smile:

i may be able to pick up looping but at 1a i am the worst ever i bought a velocity and i cant get a straight sleeper with that… my plastic grind machine can do a good sleeper though

I find that I need a lot of space to loop effectively. For example, attempting to loop in a small, dark and confined space where there’s the possibilty of smashing the glass casing of a plasma ball causing the room to fill neon gas hinders my learning process. I find it much easier to think about looping and what I’m doing right or wrong without having to be spatially aware of the objects/walls surrounding me. Perfect looping conditions for me so far have been outside on a sunny day with little or no wind… I haven’t searched much on the web yet but I think a slo mo video of somebody looping would help loads of people (myself included) to break down and visualise its components.

The funniest thing I saw today was David Attenborough try to frighten a SLoth! AahaA A HAH aAHA aA Aha AHA AHA aa aAH A aH a HaH ah aH AH A HA HA A AHAAAAA!!!11!1!!

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have you trie playing with the gap in your yoyo? I’m not sure what kind of looping yoyo you have but i know with my 900’s if the gap isn’t set to my preference I have to make a completely different motion to get it to loop. I find that looping comes most natural to me when the gap is perfect.

Also your yye name is hilarious, I was watching futruama like a half hour before I posted this haha.

(Shorter strings and practice are what is needed for looping.)

Yes, sometimes I feel much better looping in an open area myself.