Learning 2a, can't even loop for 1x

Sometimes I can loop like 12x, but today, I can’t do a single loop. ME: Forward pass, loo- NOPE.
I’m about to smash my yoyo through the wall… It’s a bearing modded Fireball.
Anybody else can NOT loop? I want to learn, but it’s insanely hard.

This happened to me when I was early in and I imagine others are like that too… Some times are just better than others.

It’s just inconsistency, once you get better this won’t happen as much or as drastic. I still can’t do REAL 2a but I’m consistent in single-handed looping tricks. It takes a lot of practice but it’s worth it IMO

I’ve been at this stupid trick for about 2 months. thx. I’ll keep trying.

How often do you practice? It took me over 6 months to get semi-consistent inside loops. Then again most of time I didn’t practice 2a too much but still ::slight_smile:

I used to practice more than 1A, which I now practice 24/7. I took a huge like 1 month break from looping… NOW IM BAC BI- oh wait…no cursing. :stuck_out_tongue: