I just successfully did 63 inside loops with my dominant hand!! Totally creamed my last record (made one or two attempts previous to this one).
So how many loops can you guys do?

Congrats man!

My record is, oh I don’t know, maybe 3 successful inside loops with my dominant hand?

The sad thing is that I’ve been practicing 2A for about 2 months now…it’s just not my thing.

Great job, Sgt1!

2a has a huge learning curve. Keep at it, focus on wrist movement and keeping the yoyos angled slightly outward, and eventually it’ll get easier.

That’s okay, it takes patience and sometimes a little luck :D. I learned it a while back and have been doing it off and on for a while but today I practiced a lot and got better and getting 63 in a row was quite crazy since I hadn’t even got half of that at all today (probably lucky). Just keep trying and look up everything you can on looping, it is way harder than it seems but it’s a great feeling once you can do it :slight_smile:

I’m pretty bad at keeping count on my loops while looping because I just really have to concentrate hard on good loops. I think my record with my dominant hand is around 25 and with my non-dominant it’s 7 or 8. I’m still practicing looping with both hands though. I can loop with them at the same time but they’re at different speeds so I can’t catch them.

keep at it :slight_smile: eventually you’ll get up there with your nondominant hand, then both at once.
on my right (dominant) I got over 100 then I stopped because my string was basically completely untwisted. haha
same on my left
both hands at the same time, 19 loops

nice i can average around 50 loops with my dominant (right) hand, and slowly getting up to 40 with my left,

I can go as long as I want but I keep myself with 30 as a limit due to string tension issues :]

nah man, you have only practice for two months? you should keep going until at least a year. Two months is nothing in 2A.

Basically I can loop as I pleased with both hands, just sometimes I should stop and retry horrible/wrong tilted loops that slow me down (I can keep going actually, but I don’t wanna get horrible loops into habit) also to correct string tension. If this is about inside-outside loops then basically till the string breaks lol

I don’t know why, but seems like I’m a fast learner when it comes to 2A. I’m only focusing on inside loops, but I’ve been more consistent than ever, and it reflects well even with my non dominant left hand. I’ve only been learning seriously since like…Februrary this year?
Don’t lose hope! You’ll get it eventually. :]

Once you can do consistent loops, it would be one of the best moment in your yoyoing life, guaranteed. :wink:

If you read my thread about 2A, I mentioned there that after I got my string shorter [tip of middle finger to tip of shoulder], my loops have become more consisten and I have more control to it :]
I think I found my sweet spot. xD My left hand thinks so too. Now my left hand needs to be looping pretty well too :smiley:

I got like… 4… But this was my first time trying so hopefully I’ll get better.

True that. It’s a great feeling once you get loops without concentrating on them. When you finally get both hands doing alternate-loops, that’s even better! Usually people quit before that happens. The learning curve is STEEP!


^Agreed. its a lot harder than it looks… Ive got my training for all loops figured out. working on directional changes nowadays, and I need a lot of work on outside loops, so it just remains to get the practice in, and keep at it. One thing Im having a really hard time with is shoot the moon…thats really hard for me so far. I got Tangler figured out recently, so I just gotta practice practice practice

i think i can do maybe 10 but i don’t usually try looping … and just got one yesterday

btw what do you guys use for looping?

I have a duncan bumble bee , one of my friends has a loop 900

Definitely need to work more on my weaker hand though