Any tips on looping?i can onli do a few loops and the yoyo slants into a ufo

Remember the yoyo only cares about the point where the string is attached to your finger… try to move “that point” in a circle, in one plane. Your “circle” is probably tilted… practice, practice, practice

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The circle you are refering to is the slipknot or the circular motion

I meant the circular motion. It needs to be in one plane. Only slightly tilted.
Especially the “shooting back out” moment is important, I guess that’s where it goes wrong.

In addition, try to use your wrist and finger only. Arms should not move much.

First make sure your Forward Passes are very strong. When looping, keep in mind that the yoyo has to stay ina 1:00 o’ clocl tilt. If you see any thing else besides that, catch it and restart. Fromt ehre it’s just getting down a good circular motion from your wrist and keeping a good rythm.
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Thx for your help

Me too i think the yo yo slants too far. I think it is supposed to be on a one o clock angle. And another question which is unrelated to the topic. In the learning videos he is using a wing shaped yo yo but what kind is it? It is nice and I only have a Yo-mega raider. Which is imperial shape and i have so much trouble mounting it. Even in elevator I have trouble. Help, anyone? ??? :-\

Ummm, I think you’re looking at the wrong looping tutorials.
For looping Andre uses 2 Sunset Trajectory NXGs.
His winged shape yoyo is the Dark Magic.
Your raider should be great fo rlooping.
As for the tilting, it all about the practice. When you see it tilting too far, catch it and start again.