I can somewhat loop but I am having some difficulties trying to get it down. I don’t understand all this 1’o clock and 11’o clock angle stuff. Your supposed to keep your hand straight aren’t you? Another problem is after about the second loop the yo-yo starts tilting all different ways… how do I correct this?

flick your wrist in opposite direction of tilt on the next loop.

Whenever I loop it tilts to but it’s casual. Just continue to loop and then it’ll get straight.

Terrible advice. Don’t practice bad loops. If your loops start to tilt or go bad, stop and start over. Don’t practice bad habits. Make yourself do it correctly.

Well yeah, it’s not right. You don’t see people looping with tilted loops. But what I mean is that it’s not the end of the world. Yeah, you’re probably right. :smiley:

When looping a stable loop will have the yoyo tilting a bit to the right (1 o’clock  /  ) for a right handed thrower and slightly to the left (11 o’clock  \  ) for a left handed thrower.

See this (if you haven’t already)
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