Why are my loops tilted inwards?

Ive been looping for about 2 months or so, and I feel comfortable with the way I loop. There are occasional cockscrews/ tilts, but I assumed it was due to the lack of practice.

However, it was pointed out to me that my yoyos tilt 45° inwards rather than the “normal” outwards. I couldn’t get any advice on why this happens or how to correct it.

While this may be “no biggie”, it was said that it’ll hinder my progress in 2a later on.

Any 2a experts out there who could help me out abit?

I am also a 2A beginner. I don’t have an answer for you but I look forward to maybe seeing one. Looks like we are at a similar level of learning. ;D

Hi, I’ve been looping for about a year and am just beginning to master controlled loops and hops. One way to think about looping is that you are very literally guiding the momentum of the yoyo. So to break it down, try looping as slow as you can manage, and feel how the yoyo flips over when returning to you.

The position of your finger, hand, and arm during looping can all affect the outcome of the loop. Your hand should be facing palm down during the movement, maybe at a 30 to 40 degree angle.

Try to think about flicking the yoyo out right before it comes back, and to have your hand and arm relaxed while the yoyo is out. This should feel weird at first but will look and feel better over time.

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