correcting your loops


I’ve been practicing my looping quite a bit recently, and i’m at the point where I can get 5-10 loops fairly easily and consistently. I am noticing that more often when my loops get out of control, instead of the yo-yo just going completely sideways and UFO’ing (which is what would happen when I wasn’t as good), it’s more of a gradual tilt which inevitably turns sideways and UFO’s in the next two or three loops. It bothers me so much, and I feel like there’s nothing I can do but watch it happen. I’ve seen some talk on the forums about when you get good enough at looping you learn to start correcting yourself as that happens, now I’ve tried correcting it in a number of different ways and I can’t figure out how I’m supposed to do it. Now to the main question, how do I correct the tilt? is it something that can be explained? I understand that it must be a very subtle motion that can only come through hours of training and muscle memory (as with anything you do with a yo-yo) but is there a way to describe it so that I can teach myself how to do it?

TL;DR: I’m trying to figure out how to correct the tilt on my loops but can’t figure it out, can someone describe how to do it?


I always just do an outside loop and it gets straight again.


Well I’m not much of a looper, but I’ve watched a guy teach it. Trust me he’s good at it what he does, and If I had to guess I’d say that your throw is getting a little off center to begin with, and your adjustments are just you following the yo-yo (in essence). Try simply anticipating the yo-yo and try to loop it “straight” not adjusting right or left to compensate for the tilt.

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Google Shaun(shawn) fumo’s guide to looping. Its an older site so there’s no vids. But never the less there is some great instuctions on looping. Hope this helps you out.

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Try correcting the loop in the opposite direction, like when it starts tilting to the right, purposely tilt it more to the right and see what happens.
Relax is the key, exaggerating is not a good idea especially if you have no idea on what you’re doing, also watch high level players (not just Shinji or Shu) and try to mimic their hands.
The yoyo in your right hand is supposedly tilts slightly to the right (at one o clock) and left yoyo tilted to the left (at 11 o clock).

Look at the tilt


Actually a stable looping yoyo involves the yoyo being tipped. For RH loopers it should tilt a bit to the RHS, It should tilt to about 1:00 o-clock. Reverse it all for a LH looper, with the tilt at about 11:00 o-clock.