As with most of my posts, I’ll try and keep this short and concise.

Recently, with the YYF tour, there were packs that were put on yoyo expert. I got one of these packs. The specific pack was the looping pack (it had 2 loop 900s)

I have all of the basic concepts down for loop the loop except for one: the slight tilt of the throw.

Simply put, how do you do this? If you don’t know already, when you loop, the yoyo should go out at a 11 o’ clock and 1 o’ clock angle for your left and right hands respectively.

Please don’t put practice alone as an answer, but rather practice WITH a technique. And also, no posts saying what I say, if you don’t reply, that is an answer, no one wants to read the same complaint on an entire thread.

Note Bene: I have tried turning my wrist to throw, but when I do, it just goes out straight.

well I just learned by watching what everyone else does. You want to get the feel of the yoyo, its needs, its wants…

And what if the Yo-yo wants to be a self centered, non-cooperative jerk?

A properly thrown yoyo will tilt as required.
Try reading this. He explains it better than most.

Shawn’s Looping Guides
(google search will bring them up)