Looping and Shoot the moon Consistency


I’m trying to work on my inside loops, but after the first few repetitions (usually after 5 or 6) the yo-yo turns sideways and spins out. What are some techniques I can use to keep it straight after the first few repetitions- wrist, finger motions, etc. I also usually start my loops with a somewhat forceful throw, so could I also benefit from a stronger/weaker throw?

As for my shoot the moons, I usually use a bit of a weaker throw, but when it comes back and shoots upward, it usually spins out right away. I’ve gotten a few good ones, but I’m just extremely inconsistent. I’ve also only been able to do more than 1 repetition a couple times (2 is my record :-). Again, is there a certain wrist or finger motion I can use to achieve a more solid execution, and could the force of my initial throw play into it?

I’ve studied the tutorials on this site for both tricks, but the intricate details that I need are what’s lacking. Thanks!


You don’t want your inside loops to be straight. That was the biggest thing I didn’t understand. Try to throw your yoyo (with your right hand) with an about 1 'o clock angle. That is hte angle of least resistance for loops and will make it much easier.


What he said. :stuck_out_tongue:

What I’ve found works is that you want to be able to see the side somewhat well. Also, you do want to have an angle on it, as TheOrganizer said.

The most important thing is practice. You can never have too much practice.


I can’t really help you, because I can’t even do 1! I stink at looping, so I’m going to save it for after I learn a lot of 5a :wink:

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I find it easy to flick my wrist a just as the the yo-yo passes around the midway point between you and its farthest reach. The yo-yo might brush your shirt a bit when doing this, but it might be a bit easier to control the yo-yo.


OK that was right on the lines of what I was looking for. But does that mean that I should angle my throw at 1 o’clock or the yo-yo itself? Thanks for the feedback. I was actually hoping you would respond after seeing your tweet on your site about your new record (127 was it?!). I’ll give that a try and see how it works out. Any advice for shoot the moon? Or would that work for it as well?

P.S. My girlfriend likes your videos and wants me to tell you that you dance well :smiley:


Control, control, & Control when performing Shoot the moons! :slight_smile:

Control the Yo-yo, Not the Yo-yo controls you! :slight_smile:

Have a nice day! :smiley:


You want the yoyo to be angled.


OK I’ve worked on angling the yo-yo at about 1 o’clock when I throw it, but it’s still slowly turning to the side and spinning out after a few loops. Are there any more details in the wrist/finger motion I may be overlooking to prevent this from happening?

Any more input on shoot the moon?


If you can “feel” the yoyo it will help a lot. Then as you can see the yoyo start to tilt you can “push” it back straight. It somewhat involves changing the angle you flick your wrist at just enough to get it back.

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it’s all about practice. as the yoyo’s looping try to look how the yoyo’s tilting. if it’s not tilting right, turn your wrist to make keep it at the right angle