can't loop anymore

I am normally good at looping but lately I can’t to save my life.

I think I need to post a video, but suddenly having problems with basic inside loops. I have had this problem before and corrected it but don’t know how I did.

The yo yo is turning in a way to what could best be described as vertical UFO, and I can’t see what is going wrong. I think it might be because I am moving my hand farther away from my body as I do more loops. ??? ???

Second problem … The yo yo is hitting my arm between my elbow and shoulder, or hitting my arm pit.

If anyone can understand this please to help. ??? ???

what yoyo are you using and what string

Make sure that when the yoyo starts acting up you stop and start over. It helps you gain muscle memory. To stop the yoyo from hitting your arm, You might try shortening your string. It will keep the yoyo spinning faster therefore cause it to wind up more before it gets to your arm.

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yup. practice good loops only. don’t practice “trying to save it”.
also, i’m going to assume you’re using wood? type 8 cotton? type 6 (or a wider gap) will tend to loop up a bit more. other than that, make sure to practice your “11 and 1” control angles, which should prevent corkscrewing.

if the yo-yo is coming all the way back to your body that way, it seems like response/string tension is an issue? i definitely would like to see what’s going on. it should respond enough to flip over right behind your wrist.

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It might be when the yo-yo is coming back up your waiting to long and it hits your elbow. Try doing the looping motion a little faster. For the UFO, when your doing the loop motion make sure your hand is straightened not crooked. I’ve never looped before but i’ve tried and i had those problems.

The string might be to long also.


Little better now :wink:

I figured I was flicking my wrist to slow.

The string is already shortened to about the length, from the bottom of my pocket to the floor.

I am using 50/50 on my ProYo.

I didn’t like the Sunset Trajectory, to snappy and that consistent “stall” at the end of the string before it starts back. My Custom AXLerator would do this only if string was old. I am going to get this yoyo back again some day.

I am going to try the Speed Beetle next or maybe the Profire.