Help with 2A

I just started four days ago and got brain twister and atomic bomb down in the first two days but I decided 2A is what I want to do first. I’ve been on it for about a day but I’m seriously wondering if it’s the yo-yos or it’s me. I have lots of trouble doing forward loops (if that’s what they’re actually called) and hop the fence with both hands. I can do a forward pass and make them both come down and come back up at the same time or alternating.

Do two yo-yos of the same type come back at the same speed?

Will I be able to get two handed looping tricks down as fast as I got the 1A tricks?

I’m using a duncan imperal and a yomega fireball if you’re wondering. will get two loop 720’s soon.

bonus points if you can tell me why a fireball will suddenly become an insomniac, I can’t even do around the world with it anymore…

first of all, it is not a good idea to start 2a if you can only do brain twister and split the atom in 1a. learn the movements. get muscle memory. it will come, but will take time. if you want, you can practice loops with one hand, and master all the loop tricks in this section. then try it with the other hand. i assure you that this will be MUCH harder than it seems. the bottom line is, practice makes perfect!

Keep practicing, and welcome into the world of yoyoing.

as mentioned above, dont learn 2a until you know atleast all of the intermediate and beginner tricks. if your planning on getting into 2a, you can put some emphasis on the forward pass and around the world.

now to answer your questions.
1: its probably just you, 2a takes lots and lots of practice, and it will be three times as hard if you dont know intermediate 1a skills first.

2: yes and no. 2 yoyos that are identical will come up with the same speed, assuming that your non dominant hand throw is the same as your dominant hand throw. statisticly both your throws will never be the same.

3: no, two handed looping tricks take lots of practice. basic 1a tricks just require a good throw, and your set. looping requires precision, practice, and persistance. remember, it will be easier once you already know basic 1a.

4: have you checked your fireball for a knot? it might have one.

not really a question, but…
5: i wouldnt reccomend a duncan imperial for looping. also, fireballs i wouldnt reccomend either, but thats just because i dont really like their feel and how they loop. but either way, you definitely want 2 of the same yoyo. preferably after you learn basic 1a.

note: you also shouldnt try to learn looping with both hands at first. start with your dominant hand, then once you have your dominant hand good, learn with your non dominant hand. then start practicing with both.

There’s no reason that 2a can’t be learned first.

2a indeed takes alot of practice. It’s probably quicker to learn several 1a tricks than just to simply get consistent at looping with even one hand, but that shouldn’t be discouraging.

Two yoyos, same or different, often vary slightly in their looping speed. You just have to be able to adjust to them, but more than just the yoyo factors into this. Yoyo size and weight, response, gap width, and string length and thickness are the majority of the factors for looping speed.

there is no reason that 2a cant be learned first. im just saying it will be much easier if you learn some basic 1a first.

Back up your point. I don’t see how knowing any 1a will help with 2a.

you will already have some familiarity with yoyoing, trowing, and basic 1a includes the forward pass and around the world, both very important in 2a.

All of which are taught in 2A concepts as well.
Learning 2A first makes you more disciplined in the rest of the aspects of yoyoing, while being quite different at the same time. Learning 2A is completely different from learning 1a, so your argument of “familiarity” is blown totally out of the water. Also the fact that you make false claims in one of your above statements also makes you seem foolish, no offense. But 1A skills don’t translate into being able to play 2a at all. It’s two completely seperate worlds of yoyoing. As a matter of fact, they are THE most seperate divisions of play.

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Start learning with only one yoyo.