Looping help!

Hi, I usually do 1a but recently I’ve been trying my hand at some 2a. I can loop pretty well with my right arm but my left is a little sloppy. I want to get to two handed looping as soon as possible but it’s pretty difficult. Do you guys suggest I practice each hand individually until they’re both good or should I keep trying to get both down simultaneously?

Any advice and tips are welcomed.

I 2A primarily and the best way, in my opinion, to get both hands to do what you want independently is to distract your brain while you loop.

An easy way to do this is to watch TV. Turn on a movie or show you like and begin to loop with one hand. Dont look at the yoyo. Feel how it feels to throw good loops and adjust your throw as needed. Once you get to a point where you can inside loop without paying any attention to the yoyo at all with the same hand switch to outside loops and continue the process. Alternate inside outside loops when you feel comfortable. Do the same with the other hand by itself but with a yoyo in each hand that way you dont use your off hand to correct the yoyo you are throwing. It is all about muscle memory and your subconcious mind is much more easily programmed than your thinking mind. If you watch the yoyos too much you will go cross eyed looking at each yoyo. If you think about the number of loops you have done you may psych yourself out and mess up. It is better to just feel it and get comfortable with your throw, the rhytm, the sound.

When you get to doing both hands the process doesnt change. You throw each yoyo either alternating or simultaneously. I dont think that learning simultaneous first then going to alternating is any easier but there are quite a few people who disagree and that is fine. Whatever works for you.

Another important point that I think most people dont adhere to is that 2A is HARD. Even if you follow what I am telling you dont expect to be the next Shinji Saito in a week. I have been throwing 2A for 13 years. It will take you some time but if you give yourself the time without pressuring yourself you will advance faster and be more confident as time goes on.

I will not tell you what yoyos to use because of the main 3 people talk about(Sunsets, Raiders, and Loop 720) I can use all three equally well. It doesnt matter what yoyos you use as long as you have two of the same. Heck you can learn 2A with 2 duncan imperials. People did it long before they even called it 2A.

I hope this helps. This topic comes up a lot and so I hope that more people can gain the same help from it.

Thanks for the question.

Thanks a lot for the response!

I’ll be sure to keep practicing, but looping without looking sounds like I’m going to end up with a concussion or two.

One of the biggest pieces of advice I have ever gotten in regard to that is to remember that you are playing with the yo-yo, not the other way around. It is attached to your hand. Why are you puting your hands by your face anyway?

i tried a shot at it to but unfortunetly i did not do so well.So what did i do? I cept trying at it so i did some researh and i found that when you loop the loop your hand needs to be in a certain position so that it works! I do not know if i can describe as well as i could face to face but you hav to make your wrist do most of the work. it’s kind of like unscrewing a light bulb! And also try to loop aimed at eye level [asuming your right handed] Play only with your left hand and try to follow theese few steps and i’m pretty sure that will help :wink:

quick unrelated question
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Yeah, it’s from poison of the old man. I run burn.

I’ve been having trouble with outside loops. The knot tends to slip around my finger and it puts it in a position where outside looping is just impossible for me. Is this normal and should I keep trying or is there something I’m doing wrong?

That is a relatively normal thing. Just tighten the slipknot around your finger. Looping can be a little harsh on your fingers because every time you toss it out the string will tug on your finger. after a long session you might see some swelling. As with yoyoing in general the longer you do it the more your finger will take. If the string is new it will slip. Once it is broken in it will stop. As the string gets worn out you might find you have to fight to get the string off your finger so blood will flow again.

I double loop the string on my finger, it prevents tightening and stops slipping.

What a very nice response. That helped me a lot too.