2A Help


So I’ve just started 2A, and I can do Inside Loops, Outside Loops, and Inside Outside Loops with both my left and right hands. The only problem is that I can’t do more the one loop with both at a time. Every time I focus on one, the other goes out of control. If I try to focus on both, they both whack out. So what should I do?


I would practice getting one hand so good you don’t have to practice. Also, get locked in your basement.


Get 1 handed loops extremely consistent to the point you really dont have to think anymore, like binding or throwing a sleeper… U dont necessarilly have to go that far but it would help to get single handed very consistent


Plus once you reach that point you can concentrate on the left (mainly) while doin it with the right. It also takes a LOT of practice. To practice I’d go outside for long periods of time, just so I didn’t get distracted and kept on keepin on


Be sure to practice alternating loops instead of simultaneous loops. It IS hard to move your attention from one side to another so quickly, but it is possible.

Just keep at it. If you really want to be in the 2-handed-loops-club (it’s a pretty cool club to be in, so I strongly suggest it), try to do at least 100 loops a day with each hand, especially on the days that you don’t really feel like it.

Also, well, now that I look, I cannot find Shawn Fumo’s guide to looping… It was REALLY good… but there are other sources spread around the Internet that you can draw from.

Keep at it



Definitely. Then when you go 2 handed, start looping both hands in sync so that your non-dominant hand can copy the motion of your dominant hand. Start alternating after you get that down without them tilting out of control.