Okay. I can loop fairly well with just my right hand or just my left hand but once I throw the two together everything goes down hill from there. any advice??? ???

i’m like at the same stage i can do both hands pretty decent by themselves but only do like 10 max with both, so i put one down and i’m just going to practice with my left hand since its the weaker one and the loops aren’t as good as with my right one, i suggest you do the same there’s no rush

I am actually right hand dominate and use that hand for 1a but actually I’m better with looping with my left hand. I just can’t get the looping down with both hands. 1 or 2 Loops with both before they spin out of control. I think its just because one hand is faster then the other

Yeah that may be your problem, the biggest thing is concentrating on both at the same time. Eventually when you get better, it’ll become natural to do regular loops meaning you’ll be able to concentrate more on varying the tricks you do. Most of it comes down to practice.

my right hand is dominate too that’s why i practice more with my left because it isn’t as strong, i think your just rushing into two handed too fast because i saw another post from you just a day before this one saying you can do 2 - 3 loops before you loose control to me that doesn’t sound like your ready for two handed loops, just keep practicing it gets easier as time goes on

That was like 5 Days ago. I have already taken the tips from that section and now have a consistent loop on right hand that last about 20 loops and same with the left. people can learn a lot in that short amount of time. It took me 3 week to learn more then 80% of the 1a training videos.

20 loops isn’t much you should be able to throw loops without stopping for the most part, i can throw as many as i want with the right and my left is getting there but i can easily do more than 50, so i’m getting there for being able to do many as i want and i’m still finding it really difficult to do it two handed, even though i’m comfortable with loops in both hands, i think its like starting to learn how to loop again once you get to two handed

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work on getting you left hand as good as you right hand ad in stead of when you first put both hands together try do hop the fenc in stead of loops this should help you get you left hand god enough to do loops

Do not try looping with both hands until you can loop very well with each hand individually.

I felt I was ready when I got into the 150s with both hands by themselves. Not sure if this is extreme, but it worked well for me…

no i don’t think its extreme i can do it really good with my right and very well with my left and its still really hard so i usually just have a looper on each hand and just mostly practice individually i’m getting better pretty quickly, i still find hop the fence hard with my left but i’m getting better as the days go by, i only sometimes loop with both hands at the same time i broke my record today for about 25 loops two handed felt really good :), i think 2a is the most rewarding and challenging for some reason its very hard to put them down the worse i am the more determined i’m to get better, when i do two handed i find it better to do them alternating instead of at the same time feels better and easily to control the loop, its all in the wrist too that’s where you get the power

p.s what loopers do you use organizer and how are they set up?