two handed opinions

my friend really wants me to do anything two handed and idk where to start. i was gonna do it eventually and i thought why not now.what are your opinions

You mean with two yoyos?
Looping or string tricks?

2a, 3a,or 13a


two handed countr weight 5a+5a+3a=13a

In my opinion, if you are good with your dominant hand at looping, freehand, and string tricks then practice with your non-dominant hand, then add them together, then it will make it a little easier. I hope this helps.

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Get a pair of looper, if you have the money get the ones used by experts (modded raider/fireball, raider ex, unleashed, loop1080, etc), they are worth the extra money.
First learn basic; inside loops, inside hop the fence, around the worlds, on your dominant hand, then learn the same thing on your non-dominant.
When looping and hop the fence, yoyo on your right hand should tilt slightly to the right, and on your left hand it should tilt slightly to the left, you will be able to feel it eventually.
String tension makes a huge difference when it comes to responsiveness so keep an eye on that.
Never learn bad loops, if your loops gone bad, stop, try again, this is crucial.
Once you can do the basics on each hands, with proper tilting, without looking, then learn to do it with both hands.
Keep in mind all of the 2a basics can literally take months to years to learn, I’m not saying this to demotivate you, just so you don’t expect instant progress.
From there you should already have a picture of what 2a is and know how to practice in your own way.