2 handed loops any tips


I need help with 2 handed loops do you have any tips.


Get your right handed and left handed loops solid first…


Then righty loop while forward passing with the left, then reverse that, than do consecutives, than progress to loops.


What helped me is that, well, I perfected loops with the right hand first and then with every loop I do, I move my LEFT hand same motion as the right WITHOUT any yoyo attached to it. just to get the motion, and I did that for about 2 days just moved my left hand alone while I do loops with right hand. I didn’t practice looping with left hand by itself, when I added yoyo to my left hand I would do a forward pass with BOTH hands, and sometimes I wasn’t able to catch it with the left hand, so I made sure I got that down, then finally, I loop with both hands doing ONLY ONE loop with the left and continue with the right, and then again but this time 2 loops with left, and so on until I could do like 10 or more…

until now I’ve never tried looping with only left hand, it’s funny ;D