Stupid 2a trouble. Need tips

Okay so my progress of 2a is crawling at a very slow speed. I haven’t gotten to doing both hands at the same time, not symmetric.
I can’t do it because after a certain amount of loops with my left hand, 5 or 6 loops, the yoyo turns sideways. Sideways as in I can see 100% of one side while still trying to loop. After it turns sideways, it doesnt want to turn back to normal. I’ve tried different postures and different speeds, and nothing is seeming to work.

Any tips will be helpful.

i too am beginning 2a play, and yea getting both hands to work together is really a pain, so i guess the only advice i can give right now is to just work your left hand only till you get your loops down, and when you fell comfortable, shadow the looping with your right hand with out a yoyo, this really helped me out alot

good luck^^

You just have to keep practicing. I know this may not be that helpful, but it’s the honest truth. You just have to get the hang of the timing.

I have this same problem but I seem to do better when I’m not looking at the yoyos. I know it seems counterintuitive but try looping blindfolded, in a safe place of course.