Advancing in 2A?

Hello all I have been working on 2A and have decided To try new(er) stuff I can do 2 handed loops, tangler, and 2 handed around the world, all of these are alternating. But the problem is when I try a trick such as around the world with left and loop with right I can’t do it, I need to be able to do two thing at once but I can’t, any tips??

Thank you!

Just practice more.

I can’t do any of the stuff you’re doing. I’m lucky to get 5 clean loops on my left hand. Both L/R at once? Not happening yet, but it is coming. L/R not synced? I think if I can get simultaneous loops going, I’ll be able to transition into that.

If you can do around the world normally, I think what’s going on is you’re not really “softening” the yoyo on the string when doing the around the world. I find I have to throw out and extend my arm so it doesn’t bounce at the end of the string. Is the yoyo snapping back at you? If so, adjust how you throw. Practice around the world single handed each hand until you can get it.

No, actually the loop is stalling, it doesn’t do that until I try the around the world

Are you going to around the world from looping? I find that a bit difficult for me to do consistently but I can do it. You gotta use some extra wrist to really get it out there or as you noted, the loop will stall.

Nope, just a regular around the world

Anyone else?

I don’t want to come off as insulting. I’m thinking maybe you’re not doing something simple.

Please, watch the Expert Village video presented here by YoYoExpert on Around the World. This applies just as well for loopers as it does for responsive yoyos:

I’m just thinking you’re not doing something you’re supposed to be doing.

Forgive me if I assumed something incorrect. It was not my intent. I only would like to help.

You might need to throw the yoyo a bit harder.

I’ve tried 2a many times. I’ve tried getting both of my hands to loop at once and trust me, it’s not easy. I’m able to get a few decent loops at once without hitting myself but it’s probably not going much further than that. It’s kinda like learning to play guitar, it takes time to get your hand just right to be able to throw off the loops, and it takes time to get your hands synced together. When you do though, you can keep going for hours on end havin’ fun and playin what you love.

I haven’t gotten hit in the head(yet) while tech’ing guitars and basses. I have with 2A attempts.

I think the key is being able to get your hands to be able to work independently of each other and out of sync. The guitar analogy is good, but you’re working in sync, yet independently(to an extent).

I haven’t tried 3A yet, but as difficult as that looks, knowing what I do know from 2A from first-hand experience and help from Joseph Harris, it’s a LOT harder than it looks, perhaps the most difficult of yoyo styles. Over a year of work and my left hand is barely able to do 5 loops with any sort of consistency.

My yo-yo’s have beaten me more than I’d like to admit. 3a isn’t too bad if you’re comfortable throwing with your off hand.