Just wondering if this happens to others who start 2a. So i got a pair of loopers a few days ago and Ive been practicing… Im noticing one session I can do 20-50 loops then the next session I cant do 5 good loops in a row. Sometimes this happens mid-session too. Just wondering if this happens to other people too :o


you just need to practice more. consistency will come with practice.


It happens to me.


How do you break in 2 hands though? That’s where I am stumped.


Yup. Even after working on it for over a year.

Just practice more. Mine is getting better. I do 2 loops right, 2 left… 3 right, 3 left… up to 5. Then I’ll try to do 10 right, 5 left(left hand is weaker for me). Even 5 I’m not consistent with on either hand but it’s coming.

2A is hard. Some people take to it a lot faster than others,


After I got my each hand good at looping, what I did to get started on two handed looping was a couple of drills.

Drill 1: Loop with one hand. While doing this, throw a forward pass with the other hand and catch it. Do this a few times and then which hand does what. If you were looping with your dominant hand and doing forward passes with your off hand, loop with your off hand and forward pass with your dominant hand or vice versa. As you get better, do a few more loops each time with the hand that is not doing the constant loops.

Drill 2: Throw a forward pass with one hand and quickly follow it with the other hand. You want to get it so that you start the second forward pass before you catch the second one. This drill teaches your hands the alternating nature of good 2a loops. As you get better, increase the number of loops.

As with all things 2a, repetition is how you get better. Think of it like you would any traditional skill sport. It is best if you can set aside some time each day to practice, which is something I desperately need to get back into the habit of.


I think this is what I may be working on next week if I can get my left hand looping consistently.


I find when this happens, it turns out the tensions way off.