The best 2a yoyos

What are the best? For me i think its the 1080s or the raiders

I’m not a very experienced 2a player (I can do about 10 alternating loops with both hands, but that’s it), but I liked the high quality feel of the Unleashed.

raider>1080/crook/vortex>everything else

says the person who’s favorite yoyo is the fireball.

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Unleashed are easier to gap adjust than Raiders and 1080s and won’t fall apart on you during play. I also think they are more durable than Raiders and 1080’s and have a great stock response system. For me they have a very smooth and comfortable feel while looping and sleeping. They are my preference!

The Fireball has the same body design as the Raider. Just add a Raider axle, spacers, and bearing and it becomes a Raider with a different look. Would you rather him recommend a Fireball with Raider parts as the best 2A yoyo?

fireball and raider are the same yoyo body. you swap out the axle and guts and you get the same yoyo. the fireball logo just looks better

Personally I like the 1080’s the best. Unleashed are good too but I prefer the lighter weight of the 1080’s.

Ah ok. I was confusing it with some duncan yoyo that I forget the name of but I know it had the word fire in it.

I think for 2a is about the same with 1a, there is no “best”.
However there are bad ones out there that seems like the designer don’t know what they are doing… they work, they are loopable, but it’s because I can loop. I can imagine myself having problems if I started out with them, I’m not calling out names though.
The ones I have tried and plays good if you know how to set them up properly: modded Raider/Fireball, Raider EX, Sunset, Unleashed, loop900, loop720.
The ones I believe is good based on how people use them, specs, and look (don’t quote me on this): LP, Hornet, Vortex, Crook, loop1080, 360.

I personally prefer modded Raider/Fireball.

Probably because he didn’t. Everyone knows how to do 1a, so that isn’t much of a problem with 1a yoyos.

Prob not to many people will agree with me on this but the Henry’s tiger snake is amazing for,2A