2A pairs

I was wanting to start 2A and was wondering which set is the easiest to learn on but is also really good for advanced. And I can also do the very basic tricks already.

Yoyojoker vortex is the most all rounded IMO. If you can’t get those, loop 1080s will do fine.

Was gonna say yoyomonster crooks are supposed to be slow and stable but very consistent

What about loop 808 they are cheap haven’t tried those but have heard good things about them.

I was thinking of that as well but crooks loop slow and he said he wanted something the could take him to more advanced levels so for looping fast it wouldn’t be very good.


I saw the raider at sports authority on sale for $6. Is that a good price?

If its a real one, yes, that is a great find. But you may have to mod it.

buy me some too

I prefer my 808s over the 900

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Unleashed are easily gap-adjusted, don’t fall apart during play, have great spin times (love that response), and are very durable. I feel like anything good for advanced 2A stuff is good for beginners too. For a really easy start, Speed Beetles are great (they flip really easily) but terrible for advanced tricks (low spin time).

In my experience, Raiders (regular and EX) crack really easily trying to get them tight but not too tight and can unscrew suddenly during play (1080s can fall apart too). You might try a little loctite on the threads. You at least get more of a warning before it happens!