Reintroducing Self to Throwing (1A & 2A Recs)

Hey all,

Been a few years since I dabbled in throwing but I’m feeling the itch again.

Used to do 1A exclusively at Advanced/Expert level on trick list, have a YYJ Journey with the old label that I adore, I think it’s the nicest thing to just grab off the table and play with. On top of that I have an old DarkMagic and a Project Two which I certainly appreciate as well. Was thinking of getting a metal throw that’s a good bit different than the One Drop I have, something bigger and chunkier would be nice. Not sure what’s been going on lately so, anything to recommend for that would be awesome.

On top of that I’ve always wanted to try out 2A since the spectacle looks so nice. From what I remember, Raiders were a good way to get into that. Is that still true, or are there other readily-available yoyos I could get for that nowadays?

Modified Raiders are still a great start, in my opinion. They still work great for me.

Just modded these two today.
There are some other great choice nowadays. The most popular ones besides Raider/Fireball are Initiator, LP, and 1080.

I’m interested, what are the modifications that you do to these yoyos?

You need to swap the metal spacers with the black plastic spacers, and then overtighten it to the gap width of your liking.

If YYE have the new model of the initiator I would recommend them. I had two of the first model and one axle broke almost instantly after trying to swap the metal spacers for plastic (YYE being as great as they are kindly replaced it promptly). Recently C3 said on their instagram that the design was being updated with a new and stronger axle and I think one or two other improvements.

2a is far from easy but I’ve had a pretty great time learning on them although I don’t practice nearly as much as 1a. Although the gap width can be changed easily it can be left alone until you decide to experiment. Don’t do what I did though and forget to refresh the thick lube once the stock bearing dries up, learning to loop on a dry bearing made me put too much power into each regeneration when I did use lube.