Is the Loop 900 worth the price?

Is the Loop 900 worth the price? I want to get one but I also want to spend my money right.

I would say it depends on how much money you have and if you are really into 2A or not. If you have the money and you really want to get into 2A, then go for it, no looping yo-yo can beat the Loop 900. However, if 2A is not your thing, I would recommend getting something cheaper.

If you like them, then yes. If not, then no.

There are other options depending on how much you want to spend. The Yomega Raiders cost less, as well as I think the Raider EX’s. The YYJ Unleashed is at $18.

I know people who swear by the Unleashed, the Raider, the Raider EX and the Loop 900(just sticking with current production models). It’s really up to the player to decide what is right for them.

I have a pair of Unleashed. I can’t do 2A yet, but I a working on it. It’s good enough for me, but that’s me. Maybe you deserve better.

I will say I will get a pair of Loop900’s this year. I have a pair of Raider EX’s coming in, purchased from one of the other awesome YYE Forum Xperts. But, for now, I’m perfectly satisfied with the Unleashed. $36 for the pair of Unleashed. Awesome!

the loop 900 is definitely worth it. I got 2 when they first dropped, and they’re fantastic. A little cheaper though is unleashed, which are also quite nice.

some people like others though. Like grant johnson as an example uses sunset trajectories. I know a good number of people that prefer unleashed. And while it’s quite a bit more, reverbs are phenomenal.

I TOTALLY think that they are. I have bought over $100 in 900’s, and they are all a treat to play with.

But I also learned on hard-to-tune, always-need-maintanance, sleep-too-little Speedles. So I have plenty of other yo-yos to compare them to.

The 900’s are so hassle-free, compared to any of the other loopers I have had.


personally no. tried the loop 900 and i didnt think it was all that great. i like my YYJ unleashed much more. lighter, thinner, easier to throw around.