YYF Loop 900 or YYJ Unleashed?

Well, I’m looking to get one of them (a pair of one of them, technically). Which one is better?

The “better” one is the one that you have played with longer.

Another way to say it: the more hours you have put into getting to “know” a yo-yo, the more you will like it.

I understand that this is ultimately unhelpful in making a decision. But I promise you will thoroughly enjoy using either of the loopers you are considering.

If it helps, I chose the LOOP900s.


Loop 900s and the Unleashed are both excellent choices for looping. I have 2 Unleashed(s) and they are fantastic! However, I do not have Loop 900s, but I hear that they are also great. I would go with the Unleashed because it is cheaper, and they both seem to be a similar design.

You really can’t go wrong with either of them, but I’d go with the Unleashed.

the loop 900 is a great throw. bought a pair, and they’re quite amazing for looping.
haven’t personally thrown an unleashed though.
I’m sure either is a great choice though.

I think I’ll go with the Unleashed, but mostly because I like Yoyojam better than Yoyo factory. Yeah, I’m that kid that had YYJ decals all over his water bottle.
No, really. I do.

I am new, and I sent some emails to the folks here in regards to an issue I was having. Just turns out it was “wrong yoyo for the trick” sort of thing.

They pointed me at these two models and let me choose from there. I passed, mainly since I had already put enough in my shopping cart. I’ll wait until next month.

The price difference is small, around $5 per yoyo, with the Loop900 being the higher priced model. A pair means a higher cost of around $10.

So, if I had to made a choice, I’d say I’d save the money and go with the YYJ Unleashed. For what my ultimate goals are, I can’t see going wrong either way though. Right now, with my lack of experience, the lack of options on the Unleashed is actually a benefit. Less to deal with means less time wasted trying to make decisions.

unleashed, its cheaper, response is great, and the weight is perfect. also, the loop900 uses some key thing to adjust the gap, with unleashed all you so is twist it. the key thing is just a gimmick.

I like the Unleashed more than the Loop900. Even though they both sport an adjustable gap and starburst response, I feel the heavier weight of the Unleashed is easier to control than the Loop900.