Loop 900 & unleashed

What’s the difference?

About $4.

Both use an adjustable gap system. The Loop 900’s system features a gear driven mechanism that uses a tool to adjust, and must be adjusted from time to time as it kind of widens itself. This really isn’t a big deal and not as annoying as it may sound. The mechanism is off-centered so the yoyo has a bit of unbalance in it that’s mostly corrected due to spin speed. This has been addressed in the Loop 1080’s, of which I also have a pair of, but haven’t opened yet. The Unleashed also uses an adjustable gap system but it twists, allowing finer control over the Loop900. Even so, you can pretty much get the Loop900 exactly where you want it.

Both use a starburst response. They do use different bearings. They have different weights. They are slightly different sizes as well.

It comes down to preferences. I’m biased. I really like the Unleashed. Any of those yoyos are great, be it the Unleashed, Loop900’s or even the Loop1080’s. You’ll need to find what works best for you. If you’re starting out, you may want to just get the Unleashed because it’s cheaper. Regardless of how much you end up liking this yoyo, I would still recommend trying the Loop 900’s and Loop 1080’s to see which one you end up liking best. I also have other loopers. It’s good to have variety in this area for me as well. I do have 4 Raiders I bought out of spite towards Fritz Clapp, who was running around Sacramento snapping them up for his Harley Davidson logo trademark lawsuit, but that’s a whole other story.

When I was taking some 2A lessons, a kid was not pleased with the Unleashed. He ended up liking my Raider EX instead. Clearly, preferences are just as important in 2A as they are in all the other styles. I think in 2A, preferences is very important because it seems you need to develop a “feel” for the yoyo more so than in 1A.

Keep in mind, the Unleashed, Loop 900’s and Loop1080’s are all used by champions to win championships. So have other models. This is all good stuff. I’m only recommending the Unleashed because it’s less expensive. But, if you want to go cheaper, you might be pleasantly pleased with the Loop808’s. Super affordable and fun and they play pretty good too.

The color

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