2A Loopers: Loop900 vs Unleashed


I am not looking for which one to choose as I have both looper pairs. I bought a pair of loop900s about half a year ago and I won a pair of Unleashed two months ago by YYJ [that I just got today]. I’ve played both of the pairs and I start noticing the differences.

But even that…it’s still not enough for me to gauge the differences.

What are the differences between the Loop900 and the Unleashed? Besides for the key-adjustable gap on teh former, are there any apparent differences?

Which ones do you prefer more? And if you guys have anything to add about the two loopers, let me know too. Thanks! :]


I like the LOOP 900’s better. But that is mostly because I have put more hours into training with them. I kinda am biased TOWARDS YYF as opposed to YYJ. I have my reasons, but they are mine, and you may not have them.

I disliked the Unleashed because the twist-adjustable gap would come untwisted, and I would lose the painstakingly created fine-tuned gap width after playing the yo-yos for a few hours. The 900’s maintain their gap width as you play with it*. That is the only objective (as opposed to subjective “I like them better”) reason I really like them more.

*The one drawback that LOOP 900’s have is that they tend to come unscrewed when you play with them. Just every once-in-a-while, when you don’t expect it. They just un-screw, and a parts-explosion ensues. I have lost two spacers because of this.

But other good loopers are Limelights (Duncan Pulses with wood axles), LOOP 808’s (if you like pad-response and an A bearing), and Fireballs/Raiders (if properly/expertly modified).

Keep playing, and get a few 100 bundles of all-cotton/50/50 string to burn through.



I ha a pair of unleashed that I was using to learn on. Then after hearing some advice from people about them being heavy I started to notice that after awhile of throwing with them my arm would burn a little bit. So I decided to try out some loop 900s. I found someone who actually was in the opposite position and wanted to trade, so I made that trade for the loop 900s. Now that I have played both I would say I prefer the unleashed BECAUSE of the weight they have. When I’m looping with the 900s they tend to keep climbing up and I end up looping at the ceiling. Now I understand that this is happening because of my lack of skill with looping. With that being said, I find it easier to control the unleashed because of the extra weight.


I am biased towards YYJ. I like the Unleashed. I wouldn’t mind getting a pair of Loop900’s, but I’d probably do that via BST. I’m also interested in getting a pair of the Loop808’s that just came out, so that’s an set I intend to get at Nationals. I might get 2 sets, one for me and one for my boy

I have a pair of Loop 720’s, which are different. The Unleashed just feel ideal to me. I also have a pair of Raider Ex’s which are pretty nice too.

Just keep playing and enjoying. At some point you’ll develop your preferences. There’s no right, just what’s right for you.


I don’t know if it’s my loopers or not but the Loop900 I use for my right hand feels kind of loose than the one on my right. I think I’ve beat that particular yoyo so much that I’ve done quite some damage to it. Like when I hold it on the side and press the yoyo down on one side like a sandwich, it kinda moves and goes unaligned for that second.

I mean, I’m fine with it but I’m afraid that I might have broke that looper…so I might have to buy another one.

…or maybe I’m just overthinking and it’s the string, bearing or just the gap setting.

And I’m aware of the Loop900s unscrewing from time to time. It’s normal and I’m used to it :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the extra weight in the Unleashed. I prefer short string so when people say it’s ‘too heavy’ doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t even notice it. Now I wanna try out some Raiders/Fireballs and see how those perform too. Hope I win the ebay auctioin they have with the raider EXs.