Hey i want to try looping but don’t know which yoyo to try what is a good looping yoyo that isnt to expensive? Thank you

The loop 1080 is on sale buy one get one free. This is an amazing deal for what many people consider the best looping yoyo.

is this happening right now? how long will this be going on for?

YYF Loop 1080 is the best deal going on here. Buy one get one, same color.

Watch that video of Shu Takada. It’ll make you want to buy it right now.

In addition to the Loop 1080, I suggest the Loop 360. It’s super easy to start to get the basics of looping for a beginner (like myself) and they’re cheap enough to get two different colors. Then you can swap halves and keep track of when the yoyo flips around

I actually prefer the 808 over the 1080. I think the 808 has a bit more weight than the 360 also