What’s a good looping yoyo?

I have an Unleashed and it’s fine but the new popular one is loop 1080

i would say the best and most popular right now is the loop 1080

I have a pair of 808s they are a good cheap way to get into looping. I love mine!!

Here is a list of some popular looping yoyos:
-YYF Loop 720, 808, 900, and 1080
-YYJ Sunset Trajectory and Unleashed
-Yomega Raider and Fireball (usually modded)
-Duncan Speed Beetle
-Recrec Reverb

Shinwoo Loops
Duncan Pulses
YYJ Relics
Not to mention fixed axles like No Jives and Red Devils.

Loop 1089’s are my favorite.

I’m really diggin my YYF Loop 808

I don’t really like the loop 1080 because it uses half sunburst:( i have loop 808)

I have a pair of loop 900s. Not a huge fan of them. Wish I could go back to my 808s.

A Loop 1080 has both STAR BURST.

I don’t like star burst is my point. * loop 808