best loopyoyo from yyf?


title says all, i would say loop900, but the loop808 feeld good to, just played them a day ago!

(Steve Brown) #2

All 3 of their loopers play really, really differently. The 720 is the lightest by far, the 808s play a lot like old Bumblebees, and the 900s play like perfectly modded Raiders, only without the inconsistency.

Just depends what you like, really. I generally prefere the 720s, but I also can’t do 2A wraps so I really only do old-school looping. I’ve mostly been using 900s in shows lately, and they’re super consistent and play really smooth. Just recently got a pair of 808s and haven’t messed much with them, but I like them so far…but not as much as the 720s and 900s. Looking forward to the 1080s if they’re as good as Pat Mitchell tells me they are…


which brand is the 1080?


Loop1080s are YYF.

Is that Pats signature, Steve?


I’m not Steve, but I think they are Shu’s. Don’t quote me on that, though.


I have a pair of Raider Ex’s modified for competition, a pair of Loop 720’s and my favorite is the YYJ Unleashed. I also picked up a pair of Loop 808’s at Nationals and I haven’t unboxed them yet. I also bought a pair of Loop 808’s for my kid at Nationals. I am not sure if I’m gonna keep mine or sell or trade off mine, they just feel too light for me.

I do want to get a pair of Loop 900’s and Loop 1080’s when those come up. I just don’t want to pay new prices for the Loop900’s. I feel the weight in these will be similar to that of the Unleashed and Loop720’s. I still have a feeling the Unleashed will still be a favorite but I like variety and break things up. It’s always good to have stuff to choose from.