YYF Loop 1080

Hey I was just looking for thoughts on the YYF Loop 1080 for beginners, is it worth the money or should I just go for something cheaper like the Loop 900 or the YoyoJam unleashed?

I think anything at this point in time will serve your needs just fine.

They’re all a bit different. The only thing is if you bust one and need a replacement, is buying another 1080 going to break the bank?

I have a pair of 1080s and Unleasheds. The Unleasheds are noticeably heavier when looping and feels snappier compared to my 1080s. If you don’t know your preferences, both the Unleashed or Loop 1080 should serve you just fine.

If you’re just starting out however, you might want to consider the Loop 360 (or Loop 808). I’ve personally never tried them but I’ve heard good things from this board.

theyre great yoyos. I think you’d be able to learn on them with no problems. They’re adjustable so you should be able to grow with them. what are you looking for? Like do you want adjustability? Do you like the look or weight? I use a pair of Shinwoo Loop 2s and I like them a lot. But I don’t main 2a, and I only throw them every once in awhile. They’re real fun though, and they are only $10 each. But it all comes down to what you want and how much you wanna spend. If you’re really into 2a and want to pursue and have $45 then get the 1080s. I doubt you will be disappointed with them.