Loop 900 vs Loop 1080 vs Unleashed

I’m looking for some new loopers. I currently have a pair of Unleashed, but they feel a little too heavy for my tastes. I love that they are adjustable and if there are any other adjustable loopers that I should add to the list please post them! I’m thinking of either getting a pair of loop 900’s or a pair of loop 1080’s. There is a lack of reviews or posts about the loop 1080’s probably because they are so new. I’m just hoping that someone has tried all three to give me some in sight. Which ones are faster or easier to control? I’m not a total beginner. I’ve been doing 2a for quite a while now, though I’m still terrible at it. I can kind of do 2 handed loop-da-loops. My left hand is really improving and what I really need to work on is to get both hands going at the same time.

Price: I’m hoping to find them cheap off the bst or from someone who doesn’t like their pair.

Loop 360.

LOL, I know that that wasn’t a choice, but seriously, grab a pair of those for less than it costs to buy on “high end” looper (LOL). You will be happy.

Why? How does it play compared to the others?

My only other looper is the Loop 900. I would take the Loop 360 over it any day. It just seems easier to loop with. I guess I like the Loop 360’s response a lot more.

Im going to be getting a loop 808. People say that they are good too.

My favorite is the Unleashed. I just like them.

I also have many YYF looper pairs:
1080, 900, 720, 808, 360

The 1080 is better than the 900 in my opinion. The centered adjustment mechanism really makes a difference to me.

The 808 and 360 are cheap(in price), fun, and fixed gap responsive. If you want to get into looping cheap, either of these are the way to go.

Still like the Unleashed best. Just my preferences.

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What string do you use? I’m currently using poly, but people say that its better to use slick 6. But I like the pretty colors that poly comes in :). How do the loop 1080’s play against the Unleasheds?

I use Slick6 currently in my loopers until I run out then I’ll change to 100% poly and see if I like it better.

The Loop 1080’s need a bit more of an aggressive play style. I am not quite fast enough to fully appreciate what these day do yet.

Both the Loop 1080 and Unleashed are excellent. If it wasn’t for the adjustment mechanism, I think both would cost roughly about the same.

I do have 6 Unleashed and 2 1080’s. I am considering getting another pair of 1080’s. ALSO, the 1080’s have different patterns on each side, so tracking flips doesn’t require swapping halves unless you still want to.

you wanna sell the first pair ;)? I love swapping halves, it just makes it look nicer.

Thanks for the info everybody!!!

Not interested in selling. Just want a couple of different colors.