Hold off on buying a Loop 720?

Are the Loop 720’s on YoYoExpert the newly redesigned ones? I have seen that YoYoFactory is releasing them with some changes according to the post here about new YoYoFactory yo-yo’s coming soon. Should I hold off?

I wouldn’t hang off

yes they are coming out with loop 900’s but there wont be that much of a difference

I would wait a while since the new lopp 900’s will be better. A little patience is a small price to pay for a better yoyo. if you don’t feel like waiting go ahead and get the loop 720 or look at the sunset trajectory that they have here. the sunsets they have here are actually the NXG versoins
hope i helped!!

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Loop 360’s: an intro to the world of 2a yoyoing.
Loop 720’s: for the good looper that wants a challenge.
Loop 900’s: for the pro player who wants to be the best.

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oh then reading this i would go with the 720 or the sunsets nxg that they have here at yoyoexpert.com .

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no, get the Loop 900 once they come out. they WILL be released in the YYF Fall Collection this year. for now if you’ll buy one, yes, Loop 720’s.

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I ended up buying a Sunset Trajectory NXG here. I’ll hold off for the loop xxx’s until I see the new models. Thanks for all the advice.

You’re Welcome
When you get it, tell me how the Sunset plays. I’m thinking about getting one 2 ;D

loop 720 are the best loopers in the world in my oppinion

well have you tried any others?