New to 2a

Hey I’m gonna start 2a soon but $50 is a lot of money for 2 loop 900s if I suck and never play with them. Are 720’s good? Their response looks weird.

I love my 720, I have never played a 900, Speed Beetles and Sunset Trajectories are nice too, Or you could get a set of Raiders and over crank them, Jayyo has a good tutorial on how to do it if I am not mistaken. You don’t NEED 900’s, you might want them but you don’t need them. Good to see someone wanting to learn how to loop.

What he said. 900s aren’t needed AT ALL. All of the ones he mentioned are great, including 720s. However, if you’re like me and don’t want to mess around with changing the response on your loopers, you can get some Sunsets. They’re great. If you decide that they’re looping too low, you can silicone them. I used flowable on mine a long time ago and they’ve hardly worn down at all. Not sure how that works, but it does. Haha.

I love my Sunset and I recommend you get one. I am still not incredibly good at looping but I learned all I know on them.

I actually think Sunsets and 720’s are better than 900’s. But that’s just what I think. I have 900’s and Sunsets, but I tried one 720 and I liked it. I’d reccomend Raiders, 720’s or Sunsets…Or you can even use Imperials.

I love Modded Raiders for 2A. If you are willing to put in the time and effort to make them, they will not let you down. But remember, to make them good, you are essentially breaking them. Just a thing to remember.

Just buy the Raider Ex. Comes w/enough different sized spacers that you can set the gap w/o the over crank mod. That way you don’t risk breaking them, and you can try different gap sizes to see what you like.

But then again you’re talking close to $50.

I use my Sunsets stock with the smallest gap, but can not do a trapeze without it snagging and coming back. Have you found any cons when you silicone them? I’m wondering if this will solve this problem. Does it stay responsive enough? Does it make string tricks easier? Why does this work better for you than widening the gap?

I know I’ve seen Grant Johnson do string tricks successfully with Sunsets in his freestyles…

Honestly, I don’t remember if they were looping way up or way down with the rubber o-rings, but adjusting the gap to the maximum/minimum didn’t make it quite right.
Silicone never makes a yoyo unresponsive. Wide gaps and response that is out of the gap does. Thus, the silicone won’t make it unresponsive at all. It might make string tricks a little easier, but it wouldn’t be much of a difference. So far, no cons that the rubber response didn’t have.

But it sounds like the silicone would be out of the gap. Do you basically fill the recess with silicone to the brim? I figured replacing o-rings that stick into the gap with silicone out of the gap would be almost equivalent to both widening the gap and getting response out of the gap, thus reducing response and causing loops to go upward (stock, my o-rings practically touch the string).

I’ll give it a shot since it has worked well for you. I can always rip it out :). I’d also like to know if you need to lube the bearing more often. Thanks for the response! No pun intended.

No to the lube. Just give it flush or raised silicone. Honestly, making silicone flush for 1a is also a good idea.

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Personally, I played my sunsets with half o-ring response and half silicone response.

I’m not the 2A guru that Brain is, but that setup never failed me.

I recently read on the yoyojam site that they will be retireing the Sunsets soon and replacing them with more modern technology.

I have to wonder how YYJ is going to update the Sunset NXG’s. They are just about perfect. It will be interesting to see what direction they take with their new looping yo-yos.

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