All my loopers are to unresponsive!!! (raider, fireball) what do you recommend?

I was thinking of getting a loop 900, but how small can the gap really get? And i was also thinking of getting a speedbettle, but how responsive are those compared to a raider or fireball? I was also thinking of getting a pair of sunsets, but i have heard that there to unresponsive for looping properly, but is that just with the older one’s and the NXG fixed that problem? or maybe Do any of you have any better ideas of what i should get? Also the cheaper the better, But if say the 900 is a better fit for me than say, an NXG, or a 720, than i will go with the 900.

sorry for so much stuff, but i REALLY want to get into 2A, and want to make the right choice, cuz, if the raider is as responsive for looping as it gets, there’s no way I’m gonna be able to even do one looping yoyo.

PS. i brain lube my raider and fireball alot, so it’s not that’s it’s not being lubed correctly.

You should also check the response. I know the Loop 900 is totally worth it. Best looper yet in my preference. ;D

All of those are great choices. How “unresponsive” are the ones you have? Have they been modded at all?

i sorta modded my raider to have a thinner gap, but i didn’t really work, and when i say there unresponsive, i mean that there not responsive enough to loop with effectively.

I used parts out of a duncan hard core repair kit in my rader, and I made the gap bigger, but I bet your could make it smaller with the the really thin duncan peaces.

I’m not looking to mod my raider, I’m looking for a totally different looper entirely.


Well for the rest of the yoyos I can’t say much because I didn’t try them but I have one pair of Sunset NXG (green and blue) and it works for me.

Need to lube them from time to time with thick lube thou, or else you will get some unresponsiveness for sure…

So, my 20cents, if I were you I would buy a pair of sunsets and after I get really good at it (if so) I would buy the loop 900 maybe in a year or so :slight_smile:

Hope I helped,
Joel Oliveira

Stock Raiders have too big of a gap to loop comfortably. If you don’t want to mod them you can double or triple loop the string around the bearing. It isn’t the best, but it will get you started.

NXG’s are great. Siliconed they will sleep well for around-the-world type stuff, and they will still loop consistently.

The Loop 720’s feel a little light on the string but as such they seem to loop nice and quick. I don’t really have any preferences for or against them as I have only used one for a very short time, but for that short time it felt nice. One word of caution, most people say changing the response in them is a pain.

You can definitely loop with Raiders. I don’t see why you shouldn’t try.

Try looping the end of the string twice around the axle, instead of just once. To do this, put the string on like you normally would, open the loop, twist the string 180 degrees and then place that new loop around the yo-yo again. I find it helps if the yo-yo is put together when doing this.

If these directions aren’t clear, let me know what you’re unable to comprehend. I can expound further or maybe even provide a video.