Sunset Trajectory vs. the Loop 720

(Eleazar) #1

Which is better for looping the sunset or 720?

(SR) #2

That’s all preference. In MY opinion, I like the Sunset better.

(Eleazar) #3

between the two is thier really a difference in feelsince their not sleeping?

(SR) #4

Not really in difference in feel, except the Loop 720 is lighter, I do believe.

(Eleazar) #5

Does that make it easier to send it back out or not since it will have less momentum ???

(JM) #6

I can feel a difference in the response systems for sure. It’s important to get a feel for what motion will do what. When you are looping you need to be able to get it to sleep and come back at the slightest command, and that’s all about you understand the response.

I personally prefer the o-ring response of the Sunset Trajectory.

(Eleazar) #7

YEah I was thinking that O-ring would be a little more responsive.

(JM) #8

They are both nice and responsive, either would be a great choice. I just prefer the feel of the o-rings.

(Eleazar) #9

Does the string respones slip at all. I mean does it pull in the yoyo with any slack or does it have to spin over it a couple times?

(JM) #10

The ones I used didn’t slip at all.



Loop 720 is good, Just requires maintaining the response system which is the String-to-String Response.