2a yoyo

What is the best 2a yoyo out there???

There is no best 2A yoyo.
The best is different to the player.
If you are thinking about buying a set of 2A yoyos check out the sunset trajectory NXGs. Great right out of the box. Same for raider EX’s.
If you are gonna want a great 2A pair but will need some modding, modded raiders are great, as well as the choice of most 2A players for years.

YYF loop 900’s are going to be released soon and I have heard of some great things about them, I have not tried them myself though.


i like the Sunset Trajectory.

May i suggest you getting two fireballs, my Fav looper, and IMO the best beginner looping yoyo you can get!

In your preference that is.

ya it is a really good yoyo

did you mod them or use them as they are?

loop 900 sounds awsome