looping: what to get

I want to start looping and have a saber raider but want something better. What do you guys recommend for the best looping yoyos

Sunset Trajectories. :o YOU NEED THEM. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. :wink:

I highly recommend raider EX’s for beginners who want to take up 2A.

Easy to care for, loops very well, great spin times, all around a very nice 2A yoyo especially for those who don’t want to do the raider mod due to the risk.

Be sure to check out the 2A yoyos page at the 2AMaster website!

NXG’s would also be a good choice :slight_smile:

Good luck!


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thanks guys, I think I will try the shinji shanito edge glow red raider and it already comes woth plastic spacers to mod it.

nxgs very simple to maintain and loops great